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Sarah took the time to ask questions and find out about my history. She did a full exam looking at every spot on my skin to check for cancer. I’ve been to other dermatologist who just take a quick scan and send you on your way, not Sarah she really took the extra time and effort for a full examination. Great experience and would recommend her highly.


I have been a patient for almost 5 years With multiple skin cancers and sun damage, and I hope I never have to see anyone else. Sarah is extremely competent and more knowledgeable in so many areas than any other provider I have ever seen. Being a nurse I am not easy to impress! Office staff is great. Only negative is that that Sarah is in such demand it is sometimes difficult to get an appointment.


The best! They don't come any better than Sarah Neumann. She is about the whole person. She is quick to diagnose deeper related issues than what's on the surface. She takes the time and gets to the root cause. I have been to Dermotologist's that schedule 7 minutes for annual body exams, and don't look at your issues and connect the dots.
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